Senior Friedrich Lüpke was a contractor and fulfilled his childhood dream with the construction of the Leine Hotel in Pattensen, which opened in 1985. In the second generation Friedhelm Lüpke is now responsible for the house, which is now one of the most renowned 4-star hotels in the Hanover region. With regular investments in room and ambience, he ensures that the Leine Hotel will always meet the needs of discerning guests.

With Pattensen family Lüpke has chosen a historically important location, because in Pattensen there also is the famous Marienburg Castle, until today the domicile of the Guelph Princes. Visible from afar, the multi-towered castle protrudes from the hills of the region Leinetal. Marienburg Castle is one of the most important neo-Gothic architectural monuments in Germany. It was originally a birthday present from the Hanoverian King George V. (1819 – 1878) to his wife Queen Marie (1818 – 1907) and intended as a summer residence. Marienburg Castle was not completely finished, beause during the last construction phase, the Prussian army occupied the Kingdom of Hanover in 1866, and Georg V. went into Austrian exile in the same year. Queen Marie followed him in 1867. The castle remained uninhabited, but has largely retained ist original design and is now available to the public in a well-renovated condition. A special highlight is the elaborate interior design of the castle: valuable wood panelling, historic furniture, paintings and many personal belongings give the visitor an insight into the private life of the Royal Family. The Leine Hotel Pattensen and Marienburg Castle cooperate closely with each other, creating a unique basis for organizing magical weddings, unparalleled meetings and unforgettable events, whether inside the castle or open air.